Documenters: Aurora City Council meeting for Feb. 27, 2023

Documented by Lee Lundblad

City of Aurora 

City Council – Committee of the Whole

City Council – Regular Council Meeting

Monday, Feb. 27, 2023

6:45 p.m.

7 p.m.

Aurora City Hall
Council Chambers
130 S. Chillicothe Rd.
Aurora, OH 44202

In attendance

Committee of the Whole

Regular Council Meeting

  • Brad Duguay, Ward 1
  • Dennis Kovach, Ward 2
  • Reva Barner, Ward 3
  • George Horvat, Ward 4/Council President
  • Sarah Grdina Gilmore, Ward 5
  • Harold Hatridge, Ward 6
  • John Kudley, Jr., At Large
  • Peter French, At Large
  • Scott Wolf, At Large
  • Marie Lawrie, Clerk of Council
  • Ann Womer Benjamin, Mayor
  • Dean DePiero, Law Director
  • Harry Stark, Director of Public Services
  • Laura Holman, Director of Parks and Recreation
  • Tim Clymer, Finance Director
  • Brian Byard, Police Chief
  • Matthew McBirney, Acting Fire Chief

Documenter Summary

Committee of the Whole

The committee worked quickly through its agenda of reviewing new business items and agreed to pass all to the regular council meeting being held at 7 p.m.

Documenter Notes

Committee of the Whole

The meeting opened at 6:45 p.m. with the clerk of council completing a roll call. All were present.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the last meeting. Motion passed.

Finance Director’s Report

Finance Director Tim Clymer reported to council that revenue collections through January were 7.2% of budgeted revenue, and income tax collections are currently at 7.6% of budgeted revenue. General Fund expenditures through January are at 8.25% of what was budgeted. He noted it is still so early in the year that these figures are likely skewed until enough time passes to recognize any trends. Seeing no comments or questions for Clymer, a motion was made to accept the finance director’s report. It was seconded and unanimously passed.

New Business Items

  1. Contract with Doosan for the purchase of a pneumatic tire forklift
    1. Director of Public Services Harry Stark told council that this new item would cost $33,745 and replace the existing machinery, which was purchased in 2000. Estimated delivery of the forklift is 37 weeks. Motion made to move to council; seconded and passed.
  2. Membership with the Equalis Group, a cooperative purchasing organization
    1. Stark explained that this is a purchasing organization whereby cities can join and receive discounts and competitive pricing on items and services.  Motion made to move to council; seconded and passed. 
  3. Purchase of Itron ERT transmitters and parts from United Systems and Software
    1. Stark indicated to council that the transmitters purchased three years ago have limited battery life and replacements need to be purchased. The cost will not exceed $8,000 per year for the next three years. Motion made to move to council’s March 13 meeting; seconded and passed.
  4. Purchase of water meters and parts from Everett J. Prescott, Inc.
    1. Stark explained that prices have been going up since the last time meters were purchased. This ordinance will allow the purchase of meters and parts over the next three years, not to exceed $150,000 per year. Motion made to move to council’s March 13 meeting; seconded and passed.

A motion was made and seconded for adjournment, which passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 6:52 p.m.

Documenter Notes

Regular City Council Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Council President George Horvat. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all, followed by roll call by Clerk of Council Marie Lawrie. All were present.

Horvat asked if there were any reconsiderations of prior actions. Seeing none, he asked for a motion to approve. Motion was made, seconded and passed.

Horvat requested a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of Feb. 13. Motion was made and seconded. Motion passed via roll call.

Mayor’s Report

Mayor Womer Benjamin informed council that due to the recent announcement of the closing of the Aurora Advocate, she met with the editor of the Akron Beacon Journal and Gannett Publishing last week in an effort to find news coverage for Aurora. Additionally, she has a meeting with the owner of the Chagrin Valley Times this week. Aurora will also be exploring other options to promote news in the city such as increasing the number of newsletter issues. 

Womer Benjamin delivered a State of the City to Aurora’s senior citizens at a luncheon held March 1 at the Walker building. The address was followed by a question-and-answer session.

Since the Feb. 13 council meeting, she has completed the following activities:

  • Gave the State of the City address at the Bertram Inn
  • Attended a retirement party for Dave Barnes, hosted by the Aurora Firemen’s Association
  • Visited McMaster-Carr Supply Company along with Economic Development Director Holly Harris Bane and Portage Development Board President Brad Ehrhart
  • Met with a group of AP Government students at Aurora High School
  • Participated in an Archives and Records Commission meeting

There were no questions or comments for the mayor. Horvat referred to the printed law director’s report and asked the council for any questions and comments. Seeing none, he went on to the council president’s report.

Council President’s Report

Horvat asked council to support a motion to amend the meeting agenda by adding two ordinances, 2023-043 and 2023-044, discussed earlier at the Committee of the Whole meeting. Motion was made to add these ordinances to the agenda. Motion was seconded and passed.

Citizens’ Comments – Legislation

Resident Deb C. asked council if Ordinance 2023-004 “Prohibited Standing or Parking Places” would be voted on or discussed this evening.  

Council Remarks – Legislation

Horvat introduced State Representative Gail Pavliga (R), who represents the 72nd District in the Ohio House. He told council and the audience that she stopped by to talk briefly about her agenda for her second term.

Rep. Pavliga then approached the podium and told council and audience members how happy she was to be at the meeting. She briefly touched on items which she is currently working on that would affect Aurora residents:

  • She has been appointed to three committees. She is a member of the Finance Committee, which is considering a huge transportation bill. She will be holding town hall meetings soon and encouraged residents and council members to be part of these as she needs input from citizens.
  • The transportation budget includes $1 billion for repairing rural roads in order to spur development.  
  • The All Ohio Future Fund is also something to review. This fund divides Ohio into four sectors in order to make $2.5 billion in investments in land to get them “shovel ready” for developers. She would like to see Aurora take advantage of this fund to spark growth in the city.
  • Pavliga will be talking to area fire and police chiefs about the “Next Gen 911” program, which is an effort to improve local dispatch centers.
  • Ohio Speaker of the House Jason Stephens has appointed her chair of Behavioral Health for the state caucus; she truly hopes to address mental health issues, which were a huge part of her campaign platform. She has made it a priority to effectively support sustained recovery.
  • She is proud to announce that her bill for affordable housing was listed as a priority bill and labeled HB3. The bill seeks to provide affordable housing but does not include Section 8 or government housing. The bill intends to provide a federal low-income housing tax credit to builders and developers to spur affordable housing for students, seniors and workforce housing. These projects will not require a change in zoning. Cities will be able to use the bill as a tool for development.
  • Finally, she noted that with so many fine higher-education institutions so near such as Hiram College, Kent State University and NEOMED, she is also happy to sit on the Higher Education Committee.
  • She and the mayor will be holding office hours from 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday, March 16 at the senior center. She is excited about this endeavor and hopes to meet many residents at that time.

Pavliga thanked council and residents for their time and said she was delighted to attend this evening.

Horvat asked if any council member had any questions or comments for the representative. Council Member Reva Barner thanked Pavliga for attending and offered her support in any of her endeavors. Council Member Dennis Kovach also told Pavliga to feel free to call on him for any help or support.

Horvat thanked Pavliga for joining them this evening and segued into the legislation portion of the council meeting.


Ord. 2023-004 (from the Committee of the Whole)
An ordinance amending Section 351.03 “Prohibited Standing or Parking Places” of Aurora’s codified ordinances to clarify parking restrictions on a residential lot under one acre in size and declaring an emergency in order to implement the new codified section as soon as possible. On Feb. 13, Law Director Dean DePiero had requested and received a postponement of this ordinance. Tonight, DePiero indicated that he believes they have arrived at language agreeable to all and which would satisfy many of the concerns which were brought to light by citizens. The amendment to this ordinance will include language giving the chief of police or his designee discretion for special situations. He reminded all that this ordinance is about compliance, not citations. Motion was made and seconded to accept the amendment. Amendment passed. Motion was made and seconded to postpone; motion passed via roll call.

Ord. 2023-010 (from the Committee of the Whole)
Third Reading: An ordinance accepting for dedication the roadway and water and sanitary sewer lines located in the right-of-way for Beljon Lane, William Court and Scarlett Lane for Phases 2 and 3 of the Preserve at Beljon Farms subdivision. Moved to adopt. Motion seconded and adopted via roll call.

Ord. 2023-017 (from the Committee of the Whole)
Third Reading: An ordinance approving five-year depository agreements with BMO Harris Bank, Fifth Third Bank, First National Bank of Pennsylvania, Huntington National Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, TriState Capital Bank, US Bank and Westfield Bank as authorized recipients of public deposits by the City of Aurora for the period of Jan. 1, 2023 through Dec. 21, 2027 and declaring an emergency to ensure the city’s banking needs are promptly handled. Moved to adopt. Motion seconded and adopted via roll call.

Ord. 2023-020 (from the Planning Commission)
Second Reading: An ordinance approving a Conditional Zoning Certificate for a comparable use for the property located in the Greens of Aurora, east side of North Chillicothe Road across from Barrington Plaza, in a C-2 zoning district. Moved on to third reading.

Res. 2023-037 (from the Committee of the Whole) 

Second Reading: A resolution authorizing the mayor to submit an application for a Clean Ohio Trail Fund grant with the State of Ohio Department of Natural Resources for financial assistance with the construction of a section of Aurora trail along the FirstEnergy Right of Way between Chamberlain Road in Mantua and state Route 82 in Aurora, and declaring an emergency to submit prior to application deadline. Moved on to third reading.

Ord. 2023-038 (from the Committee of the Whole)

An ordinance authorizing the purchase of a 2023 ambulance from Horton Emergency Vehicles in the amount of $315,034. This price includes $300,134.92 for the ambulance, which is through the Ohio State Term Pricing Schedule (#sts233) and $14,899.08 for installed equipment, taking the necessary funds from the Fire Paramedic Levy Fund (39) and declaring an emergency in order to expedite the purchase of an emergency vehicle. Motion to suspend the rules. Motion seconded and passed. Moved to adopt. Motion was seconded and adopted via roll call.  

Ord. 2023-043 (from the Committee of the Whole)

First Reading: Purchase of Doosan Pneumatic Tire Forklift in the amount of $33,745.83 and to suspend the rules and declare an emergency to secure the equipment. Funds are to be taken from the Capital Fund (60). Motion made to suspend the rules. Motion seconded and passed. Motion made to adopt. Motion was seconded and adopted via roll call.

Ord. 2023-044 (from the Committee of the Whole)

First Reading: Membership with Equalis Group and also requesting to suspend the rules and declare an emergency to take advantage of government pricing. Motion made to suspend the rules. Motion seconded and passed. Motion made to adopt. Motion was seconded and adopted via roll call.

Citizens’ Comments – General

Council Member & Committee Remarks
Council Member Brad Duguay expressed his appreciation to Harry Stark and the service department for creating a very helpful pamphlet for residents on how to use city services. It is complete with trash pickup, snow removal and recycling information.  

Motion made to adjourn, which was seconded and passed via roll call. Meeting adjourned at 7:26 p.m.


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0:01Removed in second comments, questions, corrections.

0:16Yes, yes, yes.

0:22Motion passes those minutes are adopted next on the agenda is the Finance Director’s report.

0:28Mr Thank you.


0:30Good evening.

0:30Council, just a very brief january report for this time of year.

0:34It’s really difficult to identify trends with one month of data and issues can really have a disproportionate impact on these percentages.

0:44So just in a nutshell, revenues through january and general fund slightly behind base and expenses are right on pace and for february will be based on revenue.

0:55So nothing to be alarmed about about this point in time and thank you.


1:02Questions for me.

1:04We have a motion to accept this report.

1:07Moved to second to accept the finance characters report all in favor say, aye, proposed hearing on that motion passes.

1:15Moving on to new business.

1:17The first item is item A It’s a contract with for the purchase of a pneumatic tire forklift we’re being asked for this evening.

1:27We have emotional second mr I think this chair of members of council and I think tim was directing that towards me.

1:36And the reason for the expenses being First ordinance tonight is to request authorization contract Industrial purchased a new forklift.

1:51The amount of 33,000 $245 existing one is from the year 2000.

1:57We utilize that move that We did receive several coats as you see, purchase that we did is roughly $5 more than the lowest.

2:10But it’s due to the estimated delivery time, estimated delivery time right now.

2:15It’s 37 weeks.

2:17the other one was 85.

2:22Any comments or questions for Mr start?

2:27We do have a motion before council for action this evening to say I opposed carrying out that motion passes either.

2:36The other new business is the membership of the Equal ist group cooperative purchasing organization were being asked for this Council for action this evening.

2:44We have emotions consecutive.

2:48Mr Stark.


2:50We belong to a number of different purchasing organizations, help in getting the best price.

2:56This is a request to join Wallace, organization Again, this is more like many others that we are members of get public big pricing and if you can see on the attachment, a lot of communities, in Ohio, this week are members.

3:17Thank you any comments or questions for Mr Stark saying that you have a motion before council for action this evening.

3:25All of say, aye, aye, opposed motion passes.

3:30I haven’t seen other new business is the purchase of the transmitters and parts for the United Systems and software.

3:38We’re being asked for the council of March 13th.

3:41Canada moved second.


3:47Thank you.

3:48Mr Chair Members council three years ago, we did the same for this, is to allow our Water Department to purchase new transmitters.

3:57We routinely go out, replace these transmitters in the Water Leaders.

4:04there is a limited battery life.

4:08many of these, we’ve been going throughout the entire community placing them.

4:12this is not to exceed $2000 per year for the next three years.

4:18Thank you.

4:18Mr question saying that we do have a motion to forward this to the council’s March 15th agenda opposed most defenses.

4:31Final item of new business for this evening is the purchase of water meters apart from efforts to Prescott incorporated being asked for Mr Council’s March 4th agenda.

4:42We have emotions.

4:44It’s been moved and seconded.

4:45Mr Stark, thank mr Chairman of the council.

4:50This is to request purchase of our water m and parts from Preska $150,000 for the next three years per year.

4:59Crisis has been going up quite a bit and over the last several years I’ve been bringing in ordinances to different companies business.

5:18some of those are energy prospect.

5:22Thank you Mr Stark.

5:23Any comments and questions.

5:26You have a motion to agenda?

5:31I opposed motion passes to the end of our agenda for this evening.

5:38I’ll entertain a motion to adjourn here.

6:04We’re all here.

6:05So let’s go on to the consideration of minutes.

6:08anyone who would like to reconsider prior action will go on to those minutes of February 13.

6:16And any questions?

6:35Yes, yes, yes, yes.


6:40Those meeting minutes are adopted.

6:43Mayor’s report.

6:44Mayor warmer Benjamin.

6:45you don’t have a, executive session and we’re so happy about that.

6:55Thank you.

6:56Mr President of the Council.

6:57It’s not always my fault, but sometimes that record, the Aurora Advocate announced last week that it will cease print publication week and the last edition will be in about March 26.

7:14I met with the editor of Journal publishing last week and have a meeting this week with the owner of the chagrin Valley Times, who actually reached out to me in an effort to find news coverage for war.

7:28Were also internally considering some options like increasing the this week on Wednesday at noon, I’ll be delivering a state of the city to the seniors and answering questions at their lunch and home.

7:46Mr Patrick.

7:50Since our last meeting, I gave us state of the city address at the and attended a retirement party hosted by the Fireman’s Association for Dave Barnes, Economic Development Director, holly Harris spain cordage development board, president brad and is an McMaster carr and I’m not with a group of advanced placement government students at your high school.

8:13I also participated in the archives and Records Commission meeting with Thanks to the Clerk of council for finally getting that organized.

8:21Thank you.

8:25I think you have any questions for the mayor at this point.


8:29You have a copy of the records important in front of you.

8:32Are there any questions for the alright saying that we’re going to council President’s report.

8:40Council has asked the support of motion to amend the meeting agenda by having ordinances 2023 43 through 2023 44 which was discussed earlier in the committee of the whole meeting.

8:52Is there a motion movement second agenda?

8:58Say I all those opposed a citizens comments.

9:03Anyone wishing to comment on tonight’s legislation please step forward.

9:13Good evening 23 Road 2023 04.

9:18I know that you postpone this last time.

9:21I was just wondering it’s been postponed tonight.

9:23We’re voting on it and if you’re voting on it and you’re making additions to it, if you could maybe once or twice what’s going on there so I can record them.

9:37Anyone else?

9:39We do have a guest here Miss Pat who is our state representative.

9:43We’d like to speak just a little bit.

9:45She’s got to get away from it so I thought I’d make a little easy thank you.

9:53Mr President the students members of council madam.

9:58Mayor, directors, chief friends, constituents.

10:01And it’s a pleasure to be here this evening to address to you last time I was here.

10:09I want your incumbent state representative but I was happily re elected noon or november.

10:16Listen to me.

10:17I’m very happy to be here today to talk to you about some of the things that have been going on as I represent you down in columbus now the mayor said tonight that was supposed to be a short meeting that I I didn’t really change all of that.

10:30So all in the, so but I do want to be able to talk to you about a few things.

10:37An essay pertain.

10:39when you are representative for a community, we are located legislation obviously in policy that affect the state of Ohio legendary community that we live in and the represent.

10:51So I was very pleased upon my re election and the speaker of the house, on three committees that I’m very happy about one of them on the stability for our district for the state is the finance committee and we are meeting the finance committee right now discussing a special transportation.

11:09But the state operating budget will take us approximately six months and I’m planning on coming to meetings such as this, having subsidy meetings, town halls and office hours to be able to discuss things that we would like to put into the operating budget.

11:24The bill itself is over about 4000 pages.

11:27And one of the things that I didn’t want to to highlight that, that I thought was very important that the governor talked about this, state of the state address with the auto Ohio Future Fund.

11:37I was not aware of something that he was going to be doing, which is, we’re going to be dividing the state before quadrants.

11:44There’s going to be an economic investment made each of these areas.

11:49So we have land ready with our infrastructure with the ability to get power and, basically shovel ready areas.

11:59in my discussions in this area, I would love to see Aurora in on admitting streets, borough Charlottesville and many other areas Are looking into being able to take advantage of that because I would love to be able to see that type of development coming to this part of Ohio such as those being constructed in licking county for Intel and Honda over the county.

12:23And so this particular money, 2.5 billion will seek to mainland ready that type of investment and hopefully draw those type of jobs and programs here to the area.

12:36The transportation force in state budget is currently being amended and the Finance Committee and one of those will set aside a million dollars for rural road projects with the state of Ohio.

12:46And this budget is a record high $3.5 million also rainy day fund to ideally for development and repair areas of road outside of three major cities.

12:57So I think that we are taking a look at our governor and the need for economic development, workforce development and getting people to live and to work here in the area and across the state and making the necessary investments to be able to support that type of developments.

13:14And also we also we’re having a next generation 911 service to improve local dispatch centers which I can talk to our chiefs about and I’m sure they have already no a little bit more than a lot about that, but part of it is close to my heart and my legislative priority is mental health.

13:33Most of you may have known that I was a non career politician.

13:38And one of the reasons that I ran for office was because in Portage County we have the highest suicide rates, We have one of the highest substance abuse rates rates in the state, and also a lot of unaddressed mental health issues.

13:52That was something that I think that public policy needed to address and was one of the main things that I I’m pleased to say that the speaker of the House has appointed Chair of behavioral health for the state, from the States and caucus for the for the House and very excited to see the bills that are going to be put forth that we can begin to truly address mental health the way that I’m planning to work that is that we are going to have the committee sort of into different areas because we’re looking at substance abuse and recovery and prevention of of so we’re gonna be having two different talks with this week where we’re gonna be having a k through a child and adolescent specialist in talking about mental health, adult mental health, prevention of addiction and also sustained recovery.

14:44And we have in our area so many wonderful agencies that are currently being supported to be able to work on this and support those affected in those same recovery.

14:55Notice that the sources stating recovery because our research in this area has said that a person can be supported up to five years.

15:03They only have a 10% rate of relapse.

15:08And so anyone who has ever lived with someone or understands substance abuse recovery, it is a very difficult process and there’s multiple which recovery, but we need to be able to support those affected and through housing, transportation and jobs and, just an overall support.

15:29And our goal is always my, my my work that I don’t understand is sustained recovery to that.

15:37In fact, we have also priority bills.

15:42my bill for affordable housing was listed as house bill three, which is very exciting.

15:47It’s one of the top 10 bills and it’s also the priority for the caucus.

15:51Affordable housing is not, Section eight is not a government housing.

15:57It is is saying that we work force here and people are paid a wage, that many times they can’t even afford basic living.

16:06It is a problem to be able to draw people to an area in Portage County and especially in Kent and savannah area, there are many people with 50% of their income Housing.

16:20I believe that is unacceptable.

16:21So this particular bill that I have sponsored on the priority bills in the house to repair a federal low-income housing tax credit that is available very competitive process of 9%.

16:33Also engage in 4%, 1 that is a tax credit with the state to equity and two builders, developers wanting to come in and these types of projects can be used for senior citizens housing, student housing or enforced housing.

16:50And many other ways we wish to enhance the community.

16:53There is no change to mandated the looked at such as yours and say you could use this as a tool for economic development.

17:03And House Bill three is considered one of the priorities of the legislative session and I’m very pleased to be the joint sponsor of that particular film.

17:13And so, we’ll have a robust processes in our committees and I also wanted to let you know that three higher education institutions located here in and I’m also on the, for higher education, which I feel a very important step for our area to be able to look at continuing to draw students here and continuing to meet the needs of training and workforce development here in public.

17:41, and as I mentioned earlier, I’m also on and also in the subcommittee for agriculture, natural resources in paddle, which is a very exciting and new area for me to be able to explore and workers at all of you.

17:57I say with everything in me, I love the job that I do and I am here to be able to listen to each and every one of you, you are the leadership within a community and people talk with you.

18:10We all want to invest for our communities for the families and the people that live within our districts.

18:15I will be able to take those causes down to columbus and fight for the things that we want here today.

18:22Important to have the very best place in the community that we have great schools, we can raise families can work and higher quality of life.

18:31And I thank each and every one of you for the opportunity to speak.

18:34I thank you all for the service that you do for the community and with the permission of the president could have any questions.

18:43I would be happy to answer questions with his permission for each and every one of you should have received your card for me or a christmas card with my information on on the email, contact me and if all that fails, the mayor has anything else.

18:57So you get that information from her.

19:00So the first thing would be that I would like to hear from our finance or any of you.

19:06Anything that you would like to have as an amendment to our operating budget that I could amend or look at that.

19:13We could actually stay operating budget we passed.

19:20Thank you.

19:21Mr Thank you appreciate you.

19:37thank you.

19:37I just want to say thank you for coming and making the time.

19:41you’re quite an agenda and robust agenda as you just explained.

19:46I love all the committees that you are on.

19:48I’m envious because they’re all dear to my heart too.

19:52So thank you for doing that.

19:53And I know that you’ll do a fantastic job dr this downpour and we’ll be in touch.

20:02Thank you so much.

20:03And I did not just leave with one thing.

20:04I always available to each and every one of you have my numbers, but the mayor and I are holding office hours should be there for the first hour and I do these across the district where constituents can come in and address their concerns.

20:17They just need to call and scheduled appointment will be at the Senior center on March 16th between four and seven.

20:23And with your help, I’d like to get all those 15 or 20 minutes slot each and every one of you are welcome to come to those who are also.

20:35Thank you again.


20:36President Mr.

20:41Chairman, feel free to call on me friendly your committee’s I’d be more than happy to help you.

20:49Thank you.


20:51And I appreciate that.

20:53All right, thank you so much.

20:56Again, I’m just delighted in honor to be representing our now as part of the 77.

21:02Alright, any questions coming legislation?

21:12I would I would like to.

21:14Okay, thank you.

21:34You can comment.

21:40Okay, thank you.

21:43Okay, we’ll continue with legislation.

21:45We’ve been with 2023 04 which has been postponed and you do have a copy of an amendment in front of you.


21:54february 27th 2023.

21:57And I’ll ask for to have that amendment before you vote on accepting amendment.

22:15The amendment for the past two months.

22:21We put a lot of time into this for good reason.

22:24We got a lot of good feedback from residents and we appreciate that very much because we don’t want anything to negatively affect any of the residents will be affected, appreciate the advocacy of councilman DJ and other council etcetera.

22:41who worked on this on this with the chief Chief fire Mr is coming there.

22:47This is the third iteration of 3 51 03 24.

22:56and so we made another, we’re getting everybody together to try to try to find common ground.

23:02I think we have in front of us legislation, an amendment that that goes a long way to satisfy a number of concerns.

23:10I think very good concerns that were brought up here.

23:12And you know, we are not a one size fits all community.

23:15So we’re doing something like this.

23:18It does take time to make sure that they are not unintended.

23:21So, we did include language to give chief fired or achievement or his designee need some discretion and looking at special situation because we know we’re gonna have that.

23:35And just as a reminder, this legislation is, you know, is about comply.

23:40It’s not about citations, et cetera.

23:43And it’s always about compliance and keeping the neighborhoods looking clean and keeping front yards, property values up.

23:51So that was the intent here and with that Mr.

23:55President, I would ask that in talking with the answer that we hold this for another meeting so that we could have any other issues that may come up.

24:06I’d be happy to answer any questions at this time.

24:09Thank you.

24:12we have the, you have the amendment in front of the motion to except second moving second, to accept that amendment.

24:24All those in favor say, aye.

24:27All those opposed questions.



24:52This, this piece of legislation affordable state postponed when it’s 2023 10 is from the committee of the holes on third reading.

25:00It’s ignored.

25:01It’s acceptable for dedication.

25:04The roadway and water and sewer lines located in the right way for bell john wayne Williams court and Scarlett for phases two and three of the preserves.

25:18And this is 2nd 2023 2023 17 approving five year depository ingredients with 5th 3rd, A First National Bank, pennsylvania Huntington’s National Bank, jp morgan Chase Bank tristate, Capital Bank, US Bank and Westfield Bank has authorized recipients of public deposits by the city of war for the period of january 1 2023 through december 31 2027 and declare an emergency to ensure the city’s banking needs a proper, properly handled properly.

26:24This is how we move to.



26:56For the property located in the greens of the war east side North road across from Barrington Plaza in the C.

27:04Two zoning district.

27:05And this will go on the third reason.

27:08Resolution 2023 37.

27:10From the second reading, it’s a resolution authorizing the marriage of submitted an application for a clean Ohio Trail fund with the state of Ohio Department of Natural Resources for financial assistance with the construction of the section of the trail along the first right of way between chamber road and that away and state route 82.

27:36And an emergency to submit prior to application deadline.

27:41And is third reading 2020 23 38.

27:49It’s a authorizing the purchase of 2020 forces emergency vehicles in the amount of 349,000.

28:01This price includes $300,134.93 for the evidence which is studio prices.

28:10Schedule number sts 2 33 and $14,899 and cents eight cents for installed equipment taking the necessary function.

28:22The fighter paramedic number 39 emergency in order to expedite the purchase of any of an emergency here.

28:31Administrations after suspension.

28:37I almost proposed Questions 2023 38.

29:07more than 2023 43.

29:11It’s an ordinance authorizing the purchase of a pneumatic tire forklift from Doosan industrial vehicle America Corporation in the amount of $33,745.83 which is through source wall government crisis.

29:29The necessary funds from the capital improvement from number 60 and the emergency security equipment administration suspension.

29:38We have a movement second spend all those in favor say aye.

29:41I all those opposed most in the public.





30:042023 43 is adopted resolution 2023 44 from the communal hold.

30:11As our first reading, it’s a resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into enter award to join the equality group cooperative purchasing program and declaring emergency after the membership and take advantage of government pricing, administrations after suspension.

30:34Say I.

30:35All those opposed motion comes from the public which is to come to a T.

31:11In general.

31:12Please come forward.

31:16Right council members.



31:22I just want to take this time to thank Mr Stark in the service department.

31:30I got this in the mail this week or last week.

31:33I think it’s a great piece of literature or a lot of the residents.

31:38It’s got everything in there from you know who to contact for your waist.

31:43If you miss your waist or in the street lights out.

31:47It’s a great great thing for our residents.

31:51Just want to thank you.

31:53Anything else.


31:55See nothing else.

32:02Mr Hedrick

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