Deerfield Ag Services announced the winners of its ‘Fair Funding’ scholarships

Photo by Deerfield Ag Services

Deerfield Ag Services named the winners of $4,700 in Fair Funding Starter Scholarships for the 2022 fair season. The program is designed to support individual youth exhibitors at the start of their projects and offset some of the initial investments associated with fair livestock projects.

While these scholarships did not likely offset the full cost of getting started, Deerfield Ag hopes to make it more attainable for junior fair participants to take part in exhibiting the livestock of their choice.

The scholarship was eligible to students in Portage, Stark, Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties. To sign up for the program, students were required to fill out a brief application.

The following students were awarded scholarships with amounts varied by the project:

Beef ($350 each)

  • Bailey Campbell – Columbiana County
  • Shannon Black – Mahoning County
  • Easton Sedjo – Stark County
  • Beau Freemen – Trumbull County
  • Carter Smallsreed – Trumbull County

Swine ($250 each)

  • Brinsley Hiscox – Columbiana County
  • Case Sanor – Columbiana County
  • Dakota Mansfield – Portage County
  • Jesse Neu – Portage County
  • Kyrstin Reid – Portage County
  • Mickenzie Helms – Stark County
  • Pamela Parsons – Stark County
  • Gianna Davey – Trumbull County

Horse ($100 each)

  • Sophia Gorby – Mahoning County
  • Autumn Nichols – Trumbull County
  • Sofia Meadors – Trumbull County

Goat & Lamb ($75 each)

  • Ellie D’onofrio – Mahoning County
  • Sara Greier – Mahoning County
  • Alana Brabson – Portage County
  • Brianne Parker – Portage County
  • Drew Flarida – Portage County
  • Cael Miller – Stark County
  • Jake Bryan – Stark County
  • Makenah Rohr – Stark County
  • Alisandra Peterson – Trumbull County

Rabbit & Poultry ($25 each)

Carrie Knoedler – Columbiana County

Destiny Algaier – Mahoning County

Gage Ewing – Mahoning County

Roland Maschek – Mahoning County

Andrew Pfost – Portage County

Hunter Roosa – Portage County

Natalie Rice – Portage County

Rachel Evans – Portage County

Trevor McDaniel – Portage County

Leah Perris – Trumbull County

Jenna Perris – Trumbull County

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