Brimfield installed a new columbarium at Restland Cemetery

Brimfield residents will have another option for burial in the township after trustees announced the installation of a columbarium — a structure for housing cremated remains — at Restland Cemetery.

The marble monument cost $8,000 and can hold the remains of 72 people, Trustee Sue Fields said. There is a retaining wall around it that’s low enough to sit on, which can be used for ceremonies. The space is accessible for people with disabilities. 

Several Brimfield officials were present for the installation Jan. 10. 

There is no comprehensive list of columbariums in Portage County, but they are available at Standing Rock Cemetery in Kent and Grandview Cemetery in Ravenna Township. 

The cost to purchase a niche is $800 for township residents and $900 for non-residents, Fields said.

Anyone interested in more information, or in reserving a spot, should contact Cemetery Sexton Rachelle Stacel at 330-678-0739.

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