???? Portage County’s Boogie Board® Launches VersaNotes

VersaNotes™ is the latest innovation in reusable writing from Boogie Board™. This groundbreaking technology is changing the world for waste-conscious, clutter-free consumers. It is the thinnest LCD in the world, a revelation in adaptable writing systems. VersaNotes™ are a reusable alternative to single use paper sticky notes. They are mess-free and environmentally-friendly with clear, easy-to-read writing.

Once you try it, you’ll want them everywhere, which is why Boogie Board® developed them in multipacks. All VersaNotes™ erase with the tap of the VersaPen™, so you can write, erase, and reuse as many notes as you’d like with just one VersaPen™. Try them in your kitchen, office, and classrooms. The possibilities are endless!

  • Reusable to replace a lifetime of single-use paper
  • Tap to clear completely with the VersaPen™
  • Adaptable and durable so you can use anywhere
  • Magnetic to easily stack and stick to metal surfaces

Developed and shipped in the heart of Kent in Portage County by successful Kent manufacturer Kent Displays, Inc. ®, VersaNotes™ are taking the nation by storm. Already award-winning after their recent summer launch, these notes are sure to be a staple in your home and office.

Available in 4” x 4” and 4” x 6” sizes.

Shop now on myboogieboard.com, in national and local stores, and on Amazon and Walmart.com.

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